Transport Diagnostics System

Business Scenario

One of the largest fleet providers was looking to improve their fleet performance. In the expectation that the implemented platform provides real-time diagnostic information about the fleet through onboard diagnostic device enabled proactive maintenance and steps to ensure less downtime. A Monitoring-Tracking-Reporting framework needs to be optimized and deployed in a process-oriented and managed environment.

Business Benefits

  • Key operational insight
  • Improved fuel savings, Reduce vehicle emissions
  • Drastically reduced costs while boosting fleet performance

Solution Highlights

  • Real time monitoring and tracking of the fleet from anytime and anywhere with feedback management to improve the fleet performance
  • Route planner with prior alerts for any deviation
  • Real time monitoring of the drivers through driver score cards
  • Downtime calculations with analyzing the data diversity
  • Real time notification via email/SMS of driver behavior and vehicle locations
  • Rapid deployment of the closest vehicles to a particular location by identifying the nearest vehicle to that point
  • Extensive consolidation of data such as trip details, risk management, log book
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