Recent Events

Eliminate Data Silos and Harness the Power of Augmented Supply Chain

Date: 24th-Sep-2020
Event Type: LIVE Webinar

Event Overview:
Organizations today are rapidly adopting digitalization to provide maximum value to their network. Seamless system integrations are vital to establishing real-time integrated logistics and predictive networks. The future belongs to the organizations advancing on their connectivity capabilities across their supply networks.

We have disclosed the comprehensive book-of-knowledge for the Augmented Supply Chain with the Live Customer Success story from Nojhof Wassink.

Allard Nijhof says “At Nijhof Wassink, We believe in efficient and Innovative Logistics across the supply chain ecosystem. Business-critical integrations are crucial in today’s networked economy to achieve a competitive edge in the market.”

In this webinar, he shared his insights on how Nijhof Wassink has unlocked the potential of Holistic Multi-party Network and Marketplace through business-critical integrations.

Past Events

Shifting Value Pools in Logistics & Supply Chain

Date: 14th-Apr-2020
Event Type: LIVE Webinar

Event Overview:

Digitalization is reshaping the logistics industry, yet most of the organizations are not able to get the expected outcomes from their Digitalization Efforts. Are you looking for the right approach for digital transformation in your organization? Don’t miss this webinar. You will takeaway below;

1. GATHER the latest Market Dynamics and Value Pools of the Logistics Industry.

2. DISCOVER how Digital Transformation is improving logistic ecosystem value.

3. KNOW THE REASONS Why Digitalization Efforts are not giving desired dividends and sustainable business growth.

4. APPROACH to embark the digital journey