Warehouse Automation and Delivery Tracking Application

Business Scenario

To automate the warehousing and logistics business process for one the leading client providing solutions based on mobile and logistics. A holistic process application which automates the complex processes of warehousing and monitored process of ordering to delivered status

Business Benefits

  • Automation made less manual process, thus resulting in less error and optimized solution
  • Huge business impact due to delivery of automated insights on sales and process of ordering
  • Quick and easy visibility over the dashboard, which gave an exact idea about overall business

Solution Highlights

  • Sales automation (Locker Quote, Locker Order, Locker Re-Delivery, Packing Material, loading buddies, Equipment rental, Locker access booking)
  • Central Dashboard and information intuitive information dissipation for proactive decision process
  • Dispatch/Delivery - Driving Schedule planning based on geographical location tracking to optimize the delivery route and delivery cost
  • Delivery Tracking - Mobile application on symbol MC-9000s hand held scanner
  • Warehouse scheduling and real-time locker location tracking
  • Customer payment processing and accounts posting with online & offline payment processing
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