Yard Planning

Business Scenario

To develop Yard plan application in order to reduce the manual work of managing vehicle location within the yard manually, for a leading transport company across Australia and New Zealand. The company wanted to plan with the help of visualization. With single system, it wanted to handle planning, execution of its yard management

Business Benefits

  • Huge amount of vehicle handled
  • Interactive Chart Representation on dashboard
  • Significant rise in efficiency

Solution Highlights

  • Windows tablet based Yard Plan application which will be used by the Yard Plan washer and some part of Yard plan OCC/depot Manager
  • Yard Plan designer – Layout template upload, search, select area, create a new parking slot, edit/remove parking slot, save
  • Yard Plan Management - Display Last selected garage with color coding, Bus type (color of the box & content), park vehicle detail, assign/de-assign any bus to a particular slot
  • Active directory authentication - Users can only have permissible access to events/functionalities for locations
  • Web services development and integration – Get Garage By Region, Get Layout Details, Add/Edit Layout, Get Yard Data By Filters, Get Vehicle Details, Park Vehicle In Yard
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