Predictive Carrier and Warehouse Model

Business Scenario

A predictive analytics based solution that helps in strategizing the optimal options for item stocking, warehouse management and selection of right mode of transportation

Business Benefits

  • Proper strategies planning which gave optimal solution and impacted growth of business
  • Insights on the further decisions to be taken, were proven beneficial through our platform
  • Remarkable business growth

Solution Highlights

  • Visibility for all shipments across different Carriers and shippers, ensuring terms and conditions are met
  • It optimizes the right mix of items availability in the warehouse thereby reducing expenses using our MIRB process
  • Insightful Dashboard that provides accurate forecast based on selected pivotal attributes (i.e. Warehouse, Carrier Type, Divisions, Shipment Attributes and Order Category etc...) that help Business Owners to make sharper decisions
  • Various base reporting layout options, helps decision makers to generate on the fly desired reports with unique customization options (i.e. Route Distribution, On-time Delivery, Freight Analysis, Expense Reporting)
  • Quick hassle free navigation between relative set of data sources
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