Public Transport

Public transport players are facing major challenges today. Delays due to unforeseen asset breakdown can have some serious consequences, affecting trains, metros, trams and buses for several hours. Popular routes are seeing congestion and are stressed to meet the growing demand. Mass transit companies need to cater to an increasing number of passengers in the current road and rail network. Meeting an ever more increasing expectations of the passengers for an uninterrupted transport service is becoming challenging.

In today’s digital world, the communications are happening in real-time and commuters are in the hunt for smart solutions. In order to increase acceptance and use, the travel experience for passengers must also be enriched. DiLX has a wide-range of smart solutions for the public transport and mobility industry and these solutions have been deployed by some of the prominent mass transit companies. View All Solutions

BI Analytics

BI has an important role to play in the Public Transport Industry. Our BI approach pulls all the information from your data and helps you understand passenger behavior and rider patterns and insights on the passenger usage of your transport infrastructure and equipment.

Public transport organizations and providers collect vast amounts of data, but this data is not completely utilized to draw insights. Our specialized BI tool takes into account the data from various data sources and addresses the need to implement corrections and take required measures to improve efficiency in various areas of your business.

  • Achieve greater insights into passenger behavior
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Allows for facts-based decision making rather than subjective experiences
  • Achieve real-time performance measurement

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Asset Management System

The inefficient management of your assets can drain profit and inhibit growth. Our asset management system provides you with the visibility and control of your assets throughout the entire life cycle by structuring all elements of asset management. You can gain instant access to all the asset details whenever and wherever you need it. We have the right expertise to ensure that you realize a greater return on investment on your assets.

  • Optimize asset utilization, resulting in improved bottom line
  • Identify and respond to problems before they cause major issues
  • Achieve improved regulatory compliance
  • Manage and extend the lifecycle of your assets

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Traffic Control Tower

DiLX control tower is fundamentally a central platform that collects the information from various data sources and sensors, which is used to provide the insights into the regular traffic congestion incidents, supporting and planning of more efficient bus routes as well as managing peak-period passenger flows at most popular routes. DiLX control tower is the technology that you need to capture and use public transportation data to deliver improved visibility and decision making.

  • Achieve optimal routing
  • Manage events quickly, without affecting the normal passenger flow
  • Achieve real time decision making
  • Early warning alerts and exception management to prevent incidents

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