A single-stop online application with a user-friendly interface, DiLX Online Tariff Book is a perfect platform for shippers, logistics providers, and for anyone who wants to embrace digitization in the logistics operations landscape. Register, manage and search for shipment tariffs for each and every trade lane, including distance calculator, alternative nearby intermodal routes and more. With highly-advanced features like Bulk Tariff Uploads and Quotation Engine, you can further minimize erroneous data, boost transparency, and process efficiency of intermodal transport. Get Free Demo

  • Benefits

    • Optimize the process of tariff registration, management, and consolidation (Single Access Point)
    • Increase efficiency by automating the process of uploading/searching for tariffs
    • Minimize manual discrepancies
    • Automate the quotation creating process
    • Improve transparency - especially among BUs working with the same partners
  • Features

    • Tariff Management - Tariff Comparison, Tariff bulk uploads (Excel, PDF, EDI) and Tariff Alteration
    • Quotation Management - Quotation Generation, Quotation Template Management and Quotation Success Report
    • BI Reporting
    • Search Grid View + Map view of Trade lane & Nearby Terminals
    • Distance Calculator
    • FCL and LCL support
    • User Management/ Carrier Management
    • Multi-currency/multi-lingual