In this digital age, customers demand visibility, speed and accuracy than ever before, hence NVOCCs are building self service facilities like booking and shipping instruction submission. The current industry challenges involve finding the quickest and most efficient direct route for shipping goods and fluctuating surcharges. For all these reasons, companies need to work harder to differentiate themselves in their business – while continuing to focus on providing service.

DiLX helps NVOCCs to meet ever-growing clients’ demands, while decreasing the strain on internal IT department to meet those demands. By leveraging our software solutions and services, NVOCCs can significantly impact the cost and time to bring new customers on board, while catering to the constant requests for upgrades by existing customers. We provide the right mix of historical data, data intelligence, easy integration with ERP, CRM, SCM, TMS environments and technology support to make quick and effective decisions. The net result is lowered costs and adoption of improved competitive capabilities to handle the changing customer behavior. View All Solutions

Track And Trace

Unleash the competitive benefits of Track & Trace App

Tracking platform enables customers and their network to identify and locate the cargo, monitors the supply chain performances and issues with automatic notifications on exceptions.

DiLX Track N Trace solution offers an unmatched visibility over all your delivery flows, to measure your carrier quality of service and to be proactively reported of delivery incidents and exceptions. Your customers are automatically notified of their order delivery status and can track their cargo transit on a website.

  • Have a consolidated view on deliveries of supply chain and traceability
  • Excellent customer experience with an unmatched visibility of order – from booking to delivery, resulting in increased loyalty
  • Self-service access to order tracking will reduce order status calls to your customer service substantially
  • Automatic email or SMS notifications at each key step of the delivery journey of their order

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Booking Engine

Create and manage all your bookings and get your status updates 24/7

DiLX’s powerful booking engine solution manages all aspects of your bookings. It allows you to maximize revenue by managing individual customer bookings and provides features such as best-rate picks, country to country regulatory compliance, restrictions and co-load ability checks, etc. It’s no longer time consuming to create, amend and cancel bookings.

DiLX’s state of the art booking system makes the booking process more transparent for the customers by proactively sending booking notifications.

  • Offers enhanced service to shippers, as carrier offerings can be checked instantly
  • Auto alerts allow for proactive follow-up with shippers on shipments and shipping documents
  • All associated documents are just a click away
  • Find and sort your bookings instantly

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Container Management

Implement best practices in improving container management

DiLX Container Management is one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive applications of its kind. All aspects of container management are supported by the solution and it is easily deployed by small and large companies alike. It reduces loss and theft of containers and offers visibility of the container inventory and their precise locations. You will have the transparency of container requirements and movement across the supply chain. With our solution, real time container tracking is no longer unachievable.

  • Eliminates bottlenecks (resulting from manual processes) and redundant activities through process improvement
  • Enables easy integration with other systems and lowers total cost of ownership
  • Provides real-time information with greater visibility so it improves forecasting and planning
  • Maximizes container and cargo throughput and space utilization

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BI Analytics

Obtain holistic, accurate and timely intelligence across locations globally

DiLX BI solution has been developed to provide a holistic view to the key business stakeholders. The aim is to provide real time insights of their business, the market and competitor analysis. In a competitive industry of Logistics, our specialized BI tool addresses the need of an organization to implement corrections and take required measures to improve efficiency in various areas of their business. Our predictive analytics tool will allow you take the right decisions at the right time.

  • Achieve greater insights into customer behavior
  • Allows for facts based decision making rather than subjective experiences
  • Identify new business opportunities
  • Achieve real-time performance measurement

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Asset Management System

Manage your business smartly with our asset management solution

The inefficient management of your fixed asset can drain profit and inhibit growth. Our asset management system provides you with the visibility and control of your assets throughout the entire life cycle by structuring all elements of asset management. You can gain instant access to all the asset details whenever and wherever you need it. We have the right expertise to ensure that you realize a greater return on investment on your assets.

  • Optimize asset utilization, resulting in improved bottom line
  • Achieve improved regulatory compliance
  • Identify and respond to problems before they cause major issues
  • Manage and extend the lifecycle of your assets

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Vessel Listing Management

Holistic Vessel Information, Empowering All

DiLX Vessel Listing Management can seamlessly connect with your existing ERP. It provides information, notifications and analysis to users whenever they need that positively impacts your daily vessel management operation. It is a highly configurable system that helps you manage your vessel efficiently and effectively by timely and accurately exchanging information with multiple stakeholders, customers and suppliers.

  • Access to collected data improves the productivity at sea
  • Full/single vessel status updates and easy vessel profile search
  • Tracking of the Vessels
  • Traffic management for vessel’s arrival/departure and movement status

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Yard Management System

Take complete control of your yard, dock, gate, assets and shipments

DiLX Yard Management system optimizes the yard operations and provides an advantage by optimizing the usage of yards, enabling faster movement of containers and allowing for maximum usage of container handling equipment. You can seamlessly manage all your yard activities and integrate with an external finance system. Besides, Graphical representation of the yard activities helps in easy interpretation of the complex data.

  • Improve management of yard services
  • Reduce costs associated with detention and demurrage
  • Shorter customer response times
  • Gain visibility of yard equipment for better utilization

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Quotation Management System

Improve quoting capabilities and efficiency for faster response to customer freight requirements

DiLX Quotation Management System allows you to seamlessly generate, submit and track quotes. Price quotes can also be easily linked to bookings and accounts. The sales or customer service can efficiently and quickly create accurate quotes from anywhere, anytime. The custom workflows and checks will streamline the business process, e.g., the approval mechanism in the system ensures the minimum sell price in the quotation to avoid negative profit margins.

  • Close deals faster and shorten sales cycle times
  • Manage the entire process from request receipt to customer decision
  • Reduce selling costs by inserting offer rules and validity
  • Maintain the profitability of your jobs

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Tariff Engine

Achieve higher profitability by controlling your pricing decisions

The nature of freight pricing is complex and multi-faceted. With too many logistics pricings in play at any given time, managing the complexity of multiple customer price lists and service information is a challenging task for the logistics service providers.

DiLX Tariff Engine enables you to manage the pricing mechanism, and seamlessly integrate with your ERP to generate maximum value. As we introduce logistics pricing engine, managing tariffs will no longer be a manual process.

  • Get visibility of the logistics contracts both valid and expiring along with the freight rates
  • Map and store customer contracts and documents to customer accounts
  • Automatic notification when tariffs are updated
  • Apply exceptions to predefined tariffs for a certain duration of time

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