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Is providing you with the unique chance to catapult your business from manual and expensive to automated and efficient

If you do not offer the digital experience to your customers, your competitors will. Today, technology is the key enabler that is allowing Logistics companies to differentiate their services, in order to retain and grow their customers in a highly cost-competitive industry of Logistics.


Transportation and Logistics companies would have reached an advanced level of digitization and integration by 2020. 71 %

Annual revenue is being invested in digital solutions by the Transport & Logistics companies over the next five years. 5 %

Revenue gain anticipated per annum, by the Transportation and Logistics companies, from their digitization and integration initiatives. 2.7 %

(Source: PWC)

What does DiLX Connect deliver?

It provides you with a competitive advantage for new business acquisition, retention of existing customers and creating internal efficiencies.

It is the platform to support you in your efforts to digitalize and offer enhanced customer experience.

Due to the automation offered by DiLX Connect, it allows your customer service to focus on more important tasks, than just the creation of quotations and bookings.

DiLX Connect also offers a quick ROI as it’s a platform that connects you with all your customers, B2B, B2C and B2B2C.

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