Technology Trends For Trucking In 2020

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As digital technology is establishing its foothold in the Transport & Logistics industry and especially the trucking sector, the industry is bound to experience new opportunities but at the same time, it’s facing some never seen before challenges as well. Technological advancements have increased transparency levels across the entire supply chain ecosystem. The customers are much aware of the operations since they have wide access to data and information and hence, they now expect updates about each and every step of the channel. 

Be it the real-time ETA or driver’s route optimisation, service providers are having a hard time keeping up with such queries. Well, here are some of the most technologically advanced solutions that would take your Transport & Logistics experience to the next level:


Customer Portal

An effective customer portal is the first step for any logistics service provider to cater to the new age customer that is both aware and curious. DiLX CONNECT is a customer-facing holistic application that serves information to the customers at their fingertips. It enhances the customer experience in E-Commerce/E-Forwarding business by providing a single-click interface. The customers can view the quote, make a booking, track their shipments, access BLs, port, and warehouse details, making it an effortless communication medium.



Routing and dispatch tools 

The stiff competition and aggressive pricing expectations from the customers have forced the service providers to emphasize on making their day to day operations more efficient and effective in order to sustain in the industry. Real-time analysis and decision making enabled by digital tools come a long way in reducing costs and revenue leakage.

DiLX offers a state of the art Transport Management System that offers end-to-end solutions. It manages all the aspects of a supply chain network right from booking to delivery and accounting that are integrated with various mobility and tracking solutions.


Camera Systems

When service providers are gearing up for digitalizing, the entire supply chain ecosystem needs to be more secure. With cybersecurity threats, conventional security measures should be upgraded with camera systems of the latest technology. This would enable the supply chain stakeholders to have visual surveillance at every stage of the transit.


Maintenance and diagnostics tools

As solutions get simplified, the technology becomes more complex and eventually the probability of machinery breakdown rise in particularly in the trucking sector. The demand for maintenance and diagnostic tools grows and here comes technology to save the day. 

DiLX ORBIT is a centralised platform that consolidates data from suppliers and logistics service providers and then provides the insights into the status of the order and consignments. It helps in better decision making as well since the information equips the control tower team which eventually lets it plan, monitor and analyze the supply chain efficiently.



Asset-tracking tools 

With GPS enabled services, asset tracking is taking the next leap forward. Since trucking involves expensive assets when compared to other modes of the Transport & Logistics industry, an adequate asset tracking system becomes all the more important. DiLX ORBIT provides you with the hawk-eye view of all the assets of the supply chain which further lets you manage the resources in a better way and aids in better decision making, should a supply chain exception arise.



With the introduction of cutting edge technology for trucking in the Transport & Logistics industry, the efficiency and effectiveness of the overall operations are bound to rise. Right from loading and unloading to last-mile delivery, DiLX offers a host of world-class solutions to make your trucking management experience a pleasant one.

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