E2E Shipment management is driven by Intelligent Multi-party Collaborative Logistics Strategy

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When an industry the supply chain involves multiple stakeholders and service providers at each phase, collaboration becomes the key to achieve customer delight. Shipment Management is one of the most complex sectors and experiences a higher rate of exceptions. Hence, having a multi-party collaborative strategy in place becomes indispensable for any service provider to address some defining parameters of the supply chain industry like data exchange mechanism, operations, real-time tracking, delayed delivery, and exception management. 


Data Exchange Mechanism

The prime objective of the manufacturers today is “Meeting consumer demands intelligently and efficiently”. However, the biggest challenge is enhancing efficiency without impacting the existing operational setup. The dynamics of businesses have transformed the way they make, move, and sell goods, and hence, they strive hard to meet growing consumer demands faster and easier while also keeping the operational costs to a minimum.

A smart data collaboration platform is the need of the hour which enables the clients to gain all benefits from transport collaboration comprising of efficiently managed deliveries, lowest cost of transportation and 100% accurate deliveries from their supply chain. It lets the clients receive accurate updates on both the delivery of commodities and the ETA for picking up the goods for a shipment while also providing them with a better number of competitive offerings for shipping goods through the transporters network. Manufacturers can now prevent potential dispatch delays of orders by receiving instant updates on ETA of commodities as well as pick up schedule.

There is a need for a seamless supply chain ecosystem that covers everything right from ordering from retailers, supermarket, hypermarket, online and other marketplaces. It would leverage client’s internal software applications (source systems, such as TMS, WMS, ERP, Truck Board Computers and more) and combine it with our advanced collaboration platform to give you class-leading benefits such as Tracking & Tracing, Route Planning & Optimization, Predictive & Accurate updates on the ETA and much more.


Operational Issues

The supply chain industry is one of the few industries with operations heavily dependent on various unforeseen factors. This raises the rate of exception on a day-to-day operational basis. As an average transit journey involves various stakeholders, the extent can be massive if even a small aspect goes haywire. 

To create a seamless ecosystem that ensures a smooth customer experience, a dedicated Operational Console that provides visibility of all day-to-day operations and actionable insights from trip history. It enables the customer to track real-time trips, and with every milestone achieved it sends notifications to the shipper and the transport company for the real-time tracking system. In case of any exception, the system would send suggestive actions for taking corrective measures. It boasts of solutions like Legacy System Migration that provides seamless integration with the Multi-party Data Exchange. Along with that, the partner would also offer system configuration to get automated data mapping which starts from allotting a driver with the asset to analyze the capacity of the best-suited transport vehicle and many more.

Clients need a system with different parties’ KPIs and multiple options that can render optimum use of their resources. The operation console would issue the event log generation of trip status encountered by integrating with truck systems and also provide a powerful data manager and navigator, to make quick decisions on an order update or reaching a remote source/destination.



Real-time tracking and delayed delivery issues

As digitisation makes its way deeper into the Transport & Logistics industry, customer expectations are touching new highs. The enhanced access to data and information, the customer wants to be updated about each and every step of the transit process. Today, technology partners have meticulously crafted state-of-the-art track and trace systems keeping the new-age customer in mind.

The platform sync with the existing system that is installed in the existing client ecosystem. It has been proven indispensable when it comes to cost reduction of operations and transportation.


Exception Management

Technological advancements have created an interface for the automated system that sends an update to the stakeholders like the transport company in case of any mishap/exception in the transit journey if the ETA exceeds due to factors like breakdown, delay in transit or loading-unloading, or change in the location

The offerings refine the entire customer experience by making the whole cycle seamless as the involved stakeholders in the journey could shift their paradigm and multiply their business growth. Real-time data is captured and notified to the manufacture so that they can be prepared for the trips of the day.



Having the right technology partner is as equally essential as having an appropriate supply chain infrastructure in place. As the dynamics of the Transport & Logistics industry rapidly transform, such collaborative ventures become indispensable and the biggest beneficiary of these developments is the end customer.

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