DiLX: Your Digital Partner of Choice for the
Transport and Logistics Industry
DiLX is an end-to-end Logistics Innovation partner that develops and deploys Augmented Supply Chain software solutions. We offer a Consulting-led approach, SaaS-based frameworks and bolt-on solutions, Digital Engineering Services and World-class 24/7 Support.
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During the pandemic - We kept the world moving!
The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for supply chain connectivity and visibility more than ever. Underlining our reliance and dependence on technology to keep the economy rolling, logistics is vital to keep the world moving. DiLX accomplished continued success and earned customer recognition globally. Here are some of the biggest milestones we achieved:
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» Strategic Cooperation with Innovation Partner Neele-Vat - Read more
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Innovating the Food, Feed &
Beverage industry

With the implementation of integrated applications to optimize the end-to-end process from Order to Fulfilment while balancing retail requirements and safety, we bring cooperation between manufacturers and transport companies to the next dimension and help operators increase their efficiency levels. Read how DiLX is digitally transforming the feed, food, and beverage industry.
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DiLX END-TO-END LOGISTICS Dynamic Pricing Engine - The most prominent market demand
Tariff management needs to adapt to the highly disruptive market changes. The highly complex pricing data needs a full-proof tariff management strategy. To offer the right pricing, stakeholders need insights into market price data, competitor insights, internal cost data, historical customer data, and much more.
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2021 - The Way Forward
DiLX aims to transform the logistics and supply chain processes
by deciphering the next challenge and introduce newer approach for:
Integrated Commercial Offers and Tactical Pricing Digital Freight Matching Elastic Logistics Higher Utilization and Optimization of Assets
Real-time integrated logistics score card Marketplace & Omni Channel Solutions Dynamic Pricing & Tariff Management Planning and Route Optimization (X-Server)
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