Vessel Listing Management System

Business Scenario

To develop a vessel listing management system for vessel list generation and information related to those vessels. Customer has multiple business units (BU) operating independently and there was need for reorganizing the IT landscape. The objective was to ensure synergy within the operations across BU.

Business Benefits

  • Savings due independence from the 3rd party
  • Rise in productivity as information is readily available

Solution Highlights

  • Easy and quick automated tool
  • An intuitive system which enable users to generate a list of vessels and the information related to these vessels.
  • Securely collaborate between departments and offices across the globe
  • KPI driven delivery models
  • Vessel management & maintenance schedules
  • Full/ single vessel status updates & easy vessel profile search
  • Alert mechanics and notifications
  • Distribute vessel data – full vessel update
  • Approvals & rejections on the blacklisting/ whitelisting of vessels
  • Proactive reporting & user dashboards
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