Transportation Management System

Business Scenario

To implement extensive fleet and transportation management solution that can handle multiple tenants simultaneously. The application ensure effective end to end planning and management of delivery - distribution process

Business Benefits

  • Process & product Life cycle management
  • Manages over 75000 orders every year through more than 100 Fleet vehicles
  • Managing time sensitive deliveries
  • Creates organization wide operational visibility for management
  • Automate manual processes by implementing workflows
  • Order placement and planning
  • Manage optimal route and resource planning
  • Real time tracking for orders and Fleet tracking through GPS
  • Live maps using Bing Maps integration
  • PDA Mobile solution

Solution Highlights

  • Highly flexible and customizable
  • Single click to set up new customer automatically
  • Setup of new customer includes creation of website in new IIS, new db setup, default config etc.
  • Real time insights into operations and transport orders
  • Enhances efficiency of planners and support people workforce
  • faster invoicing and thus better cash flow reduces overall cost as its available in SAAS efficient planning of resources
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