Mechanics Mobile Application

Business Scenario

Aimed at strengthening their market position by automating specific steps in the chain with the adoption of a mobile app, which increases efficiency throughout the end-to-end supply chain, optimizes customer service levels significantly and is being offered as an additional service in their offerings

Business Benefits

  • Through quick nearest search for the route, business had surged in terms of customer satisfaction
  • Less hassles with appointing engineers, as automatically orders were assigned
  • Cost benefit for the company as optimized route and order management carried out

Solution Highlights

A mobile solution to automate the registration process of stock mutations by field engineers and digitize the exchange of data among 3rd parties
  • Mobile application for reverse logistic
  • Replacement and transfer management
  • GPS based stock request functionality
  • v
  • Map routing implemented
  • Synchronization of all data from third party vendor (Optimizer)
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