Feed Logistics Platform

Business Scenario

The client is a major European player in the agricultural transportation market with a wide product range. They are an international feed logistics service provider with a focus on dry products and distribution of animal feed

Solution Highlights

Developed an on-demand order handling and transport platform which includes multiple functionalities: Order booking, tracking your vehicle, transporter assignment, etc.
  • WSO2 for API manager/ integration on the manufacturer and transport side to integrate with their internal order management application
  • Angular to make an interactive web UI for the manufacturer to make it easy to lodge order
  • Dot.net core at the backend to process backend operations in the system
  • Mechanism for route scheduling and instant update on change in schedules
  • Mechanism to update the transport company for truck break down through sms/email notification

Business Benefits

  • A relief from the hassles of order management and contacting the transporters
  • Automatic confirmation on the order purchase and update, reduced coordination efforts from manufacturers
  • Increased productivity in terms of gaining visibility in growing feed and increasing their horizon rather than thinking about how to get their feed to the customers
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