Carbon Footprint Application

Business Scenario

One of the largest European provider of Multi-Modal transport services, aimed at showing their commitment towards environmental care. Through visualizing the least amount of carbon emitted, this online tool will help their customers achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint in their supply chain

Business Benefits

  • CO2 saved due intelligent choices
  • Large amount of Trees Saved
  • A significant rise in compliance and regulations benefits

Solution Highlights

  • Innovative tool for analyzing carbon foot print
  • Very fast and easy to use tool
  • Valuable solution for environmental reporting & identification of carbon hotspots
  • Maps CO2 emissions for all transportation modes
  • Comparison of global carbon footprint when choosing a multi-modal transport solution to an alternative road solution
  • Carbon footprint calculation for each modality and tonnage
  • Display the saved CO2 and saved trees using customer network
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