Predictive Warehouse Modeling

Business Scenario

A predictive analytics based solution that helps in strategizing the optimal options for item stocking, warehouse management and selection of right mode of transportation. It was prime expectation of the client to manage and optimise the space efficiently to save as much revenue as possible, optimize the process and find the right mix of item availability, using diligent processes modelled into a unique micromanaged solution.

Solution Highlights

  • Visibility for all shipments across different carriers and shippers, ensuring terms and conditions are met
  • Insightful dashboard that provides accurate forecast based on selected pivotal attributes (i.e. Warehouse, Carrier Type, Divisions, Shipment Attributes, Order Category, etc.)
  • Quick hassle free switching and navigation between relative set of data sources
  • Route Distribution, On-time Delivery, Freight Analysis, Expense Reporting
  • It optimizes the right mix of item availability in the warehouse thereby reducing expenses using our MIRB™ process
  • Various base reporting layout options, helps decision makers to generate on the fly desired reports with unique customization options
  • Executive dashboard provides real-time insights that help business owners make sharper decisions

Challenges Faced

  • Lack of visibility of incoming goods and storage space
  • Limited reporting leading to inefficiencies

Business Benefits

  • Automatic selection of the transportation based on the cargo
  • Improved efficiency for placement of goods in the warehouse
  • Intuitive dashboard for effective planning
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