Fleet Check

Business Scenario

European specialist in tyres and wheels was looking to improve their current uptime of their fleet for delivering client goods & services to their destination safely. The solution reduces the fleets downtime and through proactive recommendations improves overall safety. Diverse systems should be connected to pipeline the updates from tyre management utility to overall administration system to keep the drivers synchronised with the latest updates about the health of the vehicle.

Solution Highlights

  • Records important fleet inspections and the status of the tyres: Tread depth, Tyre pressure, Wear image, Problems detected, Mileage
  • Drivers getting update on tyre, vehicle and maintenance while travelling
  • In-depth monitoring, reduced maintenance and fuel cost
  • Alert management system
  • Integration of hardware systems to collect real-time data
  • Checking of inflation pressure & updating to fleet managers for timely rotation and corrective actions for abnormal wear of Tyre
  • Data records of fleets are synchronized with fleets database to monitor vehicle health
  • Advanced data reporting to the driver and business owners
  • Synchronous forecasting and knowledge management system with prediction

Challenges Faced

  • Lack of predictive maintenance
  • No alerts to drivers regarding maintenance schedule
  • To maximize up time of their fleet

Business Benefits

  • Drastically reduced downtime due to tyre breakdown
  • Budgeting for new tyres from the dashboard
  • Better forecasting and automatic alerts to the drivers
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