Business Analytics

Business Scenario

To take the business to the next level of growth and to stay ahead of the competition, one of the logistics customers was looking for a tool that would allow the customer to deep dive into its business to gain insights, market trends and competitor analysis that would help in making the right business decision, backed by facts.

Solution Highlights

  • Intuitive dashboard that provides key insights at the click of a button
  • Revenue per trade lanes
  • Competitor pricing and delivery
  • Invoices chart analysis
  • Booking confirmations
  • Revenue vs. expense analytics
  • Annual order and revenue insights
  • Booking predictions on past behavior of system

Challenges Faced

  • Collation of real time data from varied structure & unstructured data sources
  • Development of highly robust crawling engine for market and competitor analysis
  • Addition of business intelligence inputs/rules for smart and reliable predictions

Business Benefits

  • Elimination of manual effort in pulling the reports
  • KPI monitoring for better business performance
  • Identification of new business opportunities
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